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The Dog Kept Staring At The Wall For Days, When The Owner Found Out Why, He Could Not Believe It


The Lil Ray-Ray And Crosby Became Fast Friends

George chose to give the kitten the name Lil Ray-Ray and made a commitment to pay more pay attention to Crosby whenever the cat does something that isn’t typical. Like, for instance, staring at a wall for more time than it is needed!

Ilyas Gun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Even though George didn’t really desire an animal, George knew he made the right decision. Crosby and Lil Ray-Ray were their long-lost soulmates becoming instant buddies as well as partners in crime and, of course, sleeping companions.

Pets, for some reason, are able to sense a sixth sense of kind that allows them to tell the moment we’re not feeling our best -even if it’s insignificant that we don’t even be aware of it.

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