The Dog Kept Staring At The Wall For Days, When The Owner Found Out Why, He Could Not Believe It

George Miller watched as his dog, Crosby, stared endlessly at the wall of their house. Crosby would stare at the wall every day and night. Then, George decided to install cameras to discover exactly what Crosby was so fascinated by.

After looking over the taped footage George went towards the wall, which thrilled Crosby. The footage that George came across was the answer to his many questions.

George Miller Was A Bachelor

Being in a city that is different from your family members can make you feel lonely, and this was one thing George Miller wasn’t used to. He was more comfortable with having an entire team of people always with him however, he had moved away from the family he had.

Then, he took the decision to address his isolation and locate an ally. However, this companion didn’t appear in the shape of a human companion. But, George was thinking of something that was four legs not two!

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Crosby The Dog was a One of George Miller’s Little Family

The 29-year-old was feeling somewhat lonely in his new town. In order to feel more at home was far of his loved ones, George Miller decided to adopt the dog. Crosby was affectionate, faithful and exactly the kind of dog George required in his new town.

He and Crosby met right immediately. There was something in George’s friend who would eventually he’d learn about. Trust us when we say that it’s a surprise.

The dog’s behavior showed an abrupt change.

Crosby’s behavior changed

The dog took George Miller a while to discover what the pet was up to. He’d never heard of Crosby perform this kind of thing in the past. He also said that George was adopted by his son a few years ago!

For as far as George could see, Crosby was a typical adorable, affectionate dog who was a lover of people and made acquaintances with other dogs at the park. But things were now changing and George was unsure of what to do about it.

Crosby had a few special acquaintances whom we’ll find out about right now.

Crosby was a dog owner who had Friends Nearby Crosby had friends next door, a Cat And A Dog

It’s not difficult to Crosby to make friends with other animals. The neighbor’s dog and cat were Crosby’s most beloved companions who would always play and get involved in antics. Unfortunately, Crosby’s best two fur-friends died one after another.

Although their owner was clearly devastated, they weren’t the only one. Crosby was devastated by the loss of two close friends. What did George doing next?

Perhaps his depression was responsible for his bizarre behavior.

Pets long for companionship

Like us, pets desire affection and companionship. This is why they’re usually committed to their human companions and will do anything to be close to them all the time. It’s the same for their companions.

If they lose a dear friend, they experience an emotional sadness like losing the person they love. When you lose a neighbor’s cat and dog, it is natural that Crosby might be discontent. This wasn’t the reason behind his strange behavior.

Crosby has even stopped meeting George when he came in the front door and also other bizarre behaviors we’ll get to see in the coming days.

Crosby began acting a little Differently

George Miller and Crosby had been in contact for a couple of years and remained in the same routine of walking eating, walking the dogs, walks and obviously, playing time. George did not really see anything extraordinary initially.

Then he came home hoping for Crosby to greet him with a kiss at the door, but Crosby was not there. Instead, George’s dog was acting unusual, and completely uncharacteristic… Something George could not explain.

Crosby was not answering to his Name

George was hoping for Crosby to be waiting at the door after he got to his home. This is what dogs usually did in the past. However, this particular day was completely unique. Something caught the attention of Crosby He was fascinated by what it was that he refused to even reply when George called his name.

After making the dog cry several times, George decided to see what had caught his dog’s interest. It must be fascinating that Crosby not to sprint towards the door to greet George.

What was it that he was fascinated by?

The Living Room Wall Was Crosby’s Obsession

After calling out Crosby’s name several occasions, George Miller decided to descend to the dog’s level to discover what was attracting him the most. It turned out that it was his wall in his living room! What a strange coincidence.

Crosby was so focused at the wall that it seemed like there was nothing in his vicinity, not even his owner. George was somewhat puzzled because there was nothing extraordinary in the wall of his living room at least , not to his senses.

Why was this dog attracted to?

Crosby was acting paranoid

At Crosby’s knees, George Miller didn’t see anything amiss in the wall of his living room. What was it that made Crosby so fascinated by the wall? What attracted Crosby’s attention initially?

As any animal lover, George is concerned about his pet. Crosby was a typical fun-loving pet. However, whatever was “wrong” on the inside was making him nervous. What was the reason for this paranoia was a complete mystery, but.

George couldn’t figure out what Crosby was looking at.

To help calm Crosby to calm him down George was able to touch him asking, “what is it, boy?” Petting him was the only moment Crosby got away from his stare contest against the wall. In other words, his eyes were locked to the wall, staring at something he didn’t know about.

George was content to find out there wasn’t any issue in his pet. Initially, George believed Crosby lost his hearing. Then, he realized that Crosby was focused on the wall of the living room. Could it be a bug George could not detect?

In the neess of time, the Wall was All But Forgotten

While George was hoping and dreaming, Crosby wasn’t staring at an insect in the wall. He wasn’t aware of it however, his attention was on something far more important than the creepy crawly creature that was able to find its way into the home.

After a few minutes after that, Crosby seemed to return to his normal. He walked away from the wall and ate a meal and cuddled up with his pet owner like the wall was gone.

In the evening, however, George woke up to some unsettling sounds.

George Wake Up To See Crosby On The Wall

In the late hours of the night, George Miller woke up in need of a drink of water. While walking to the kitchen, however the last thing he was expecting to be able to see was Crosby still staring at the wall in the living room.

It was pitch-dark! What was the dog’s gaze and why did George be able to see it? Contrary to what he had seen an hour before, Crosby seemed a bit different. It was almost as it was as if the dog felt sadness.

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George decided to Buy a Camera

One day later, George Miller decided he could find out what was going on with his dog’s eyes at the wall of his living room. After work, he decided to buy an night vision camera, placing it in his living room with the hope of seeing the thing Crosby was gazing at.

But he wasn’t able to look at the video immediately. George would like at minimum two days of “evidence” to assist him in understanding the issue with his dog.

What will the camera show?

The Camera was A Failure

To George Miller’s delight the video didn’t show Crosby watching the wall in his living room. It was later discovered that he was only doing it while George was present, thereby creating another layer of mystery to the entire incident.

It was almost like Crosby tried to explain to George some thing about the wall, but had no other way of communicating with him, other than to stare. The staring certainly attracted George’s interest! He was just unsure what the significance of it was.

Crosby was definitely trying to Speak Something

Crosby may not communicate in English however Crosby was certainly trying to convey that something was happening for George Miller. Scratching, barking, and bouncing around are likely the most preferred method of communication for the majority of dogs. But Crosby was focusing on staring.

Then, it was an issue of finding out why he was gazing at the ceiling at George and what he was trying to convey to George. Did he have a complete misinterpretation? Was Crosby trying to inform him of something crucial?

Crosby was pleased about Something

George Miller was stumped. He was unsure of what was going on and why Crosby was looking at the wall in the living room. However, he entered the room, and took another glance, thinking that he might be looking for something. Unexpectedly, something happened when he entered the room.

Crosby started barking with delight and chasing George to his living space! The dog was very energetic and joyful George has seen his dog since the dog and cat that lived next door had died.

George was of the opinion that Crosby’s barking was a positive sign.

George Examined The Wall A Little More

In the presence of his dog that barks, George Miller got down on his knees to take a closer look at the wall. Then Crosby started barking again. It was like playing a strange match in which you play “hot or cold” but one player couldn’t precisely communicate in English while the other couldn’t tell what a bark meant, if it was cold or hot.

George quickly figured out the reason Crosby was so focused on looking at the wall.

It’s hard to believe what attracted the attention of Crosby.

There Was Something On The Wall

After further examination of the wall George Miller heard an odd sound. It wasn’t long before Miller to recognize that it was coming from the inside of the wall! It could be the reason Crosby had been gazing at it for a number of days.

The next question was, what could be inside the wall and how would he be able find it or whatever it was out? The heart was racing with the realization.

The Wall Had A Hole Within The Wall

At last, George Miller was getting someplace! There was certainly something on the wall of his living room, and that’s why Crosby was staring at the wall. The next step was an issue of figuring out how to find out what “it” was to be removed.

When he inspected this wall George saw that a piece of wood was loose close to the floor. He was able to remove it and observed an opening in the wall. At this point the homeowner decided to go all-inby inserting his hand into the hole.

A majority of people won’t put their hands into a cryptic hole. George isn’t the majority of people!

George Stuck His Arm In The Hole

When he spotted an opening in the wall George determined to discover the most possible. This obviously required sticking his hands into the hole, and then guiding it up to the elbow.

He swung his hands around the wall’s interior George’s gaze widened with amazement. What was he thinking? Was there something living on the wall of his living room? He put his fist in the air all the debris could be and then threw it away from the wall.

A LOT OF Dust, Dirt, and Debris

George Miller felt around the interior of the wall for just a few minutes before realizing that there was more than dust and drywall pieces on the floor. With the greatest care is possible, George closed his fist over the debris before removing it off the wall.

In his fist, he was in a state of confusion when he noticed walls and dust, insulation and dirt. There must be something else in the wall. He heard the crying.

George Headed Further Down The Hole

George Miller knew he was close to understanding the reason why Crosby was looking at the wall as the crying began. After hearing the first, George flung his arm back into the hole hoping for a different outcome second time.

As hard as could be, George stretched his arm further into the hole. Then he felt something tiny and soft. When he thought about what he had discovered the first time the first time, he thought that it was more than insulation. He was so wrong!

Somebody was making noise!

George Miller thought the small and soft object was just insulation. This was until the moment he heard a faint whine. It was not from the insulation! George wrapped his fingers over the creature with great care , and tried to get it off the wall.

Of course, this is much easier to say than done. The creature didn’t respond to the strange and huge “creature” to leave its place of residence.

It was A Kitten

Then, George Miller was able to free the creature behind the fence. It was a complete surprise to him when it was actually tiny kitten! How did it end up on the wall that divides his washroom and living room?

The kitten looked a bit like Crosby’s cat who lived next door. Was his dog involved in something to have to do with the kitten’s place of residence within the walls?

Is George keeps the cat? The answer is coming very soon!

The Time Has Come To Find The Kitten’s Mommy

George Miller couldn’t believe a tiny kitten was hiding within his walls all the time! The kitten was covered with dust. It was unclear how long it had lived there. There was one thing that was certain, however: George required a plan of course of action.

Was the cat of the neighbor’s house its mother? Was there another cat looking around, wondering where the baby was? George recognized one thing; the kitten couldn’t locate its way into the wall all by itself. Crosby probably helped.

First Things First: A Bath

The first thing to do was George Miller wanted to clean the kitten’s tiny paws. Utilizing a damp, clean cloth George Miller washed the kitten clean free of dirt. However, that was the end of his knowledge on how to care for kittens who should be just one or two weeks old.

While George was thinking about what the next step would have been, Crosby was wagging his tail in delight at the small creature that his owner was in the hands of.

George Went Door To Door Asking About An Owner

Crosby may have been excited over the new guest in the house However, George Miller had no clue what to do with the kitten. The owner was close by. Therefore, George went ahead and began asking around the neighborhood to find out if anyone was looking for a missing kitten.

While nobody claimed the kitten for their own people around the area were saying that the kitten appeared familiar. It could be a stray and an appointment with a vet was required!

The Kitten was healthy and nice.

George Miller brought the kitten to the vet to have a check-up. Thankfully, besides being dirty and hungry there was nothing in the kitten’s body! Unfortunately, she wasn’t equipped with chips, and the only way was for George to locate the owner.

In the absence of any response with George’s “lost kitten” posts and the Facebook page, George was at a at a loss. He was at a point where George was likely to need to make a hard choice.

George Required A Plan

There was no one who came forward for the cat George Miller was going to need to make a difficult choice. Crosby was obviously delighted by the adorable kitten and reverted to his happy and joyful persona following his two fur-friends’ died.

However, George was not interested in an animal. He consulted with the vet about alternatives including shelters. It was a sigh of relief however he wanted to ensure the kitten was in good hands.

George decided to not give his kitten away to shelters because of an unspecified reason. Read on to find out why.

George required a Plan B

The vet was honest with George but he did inform him that the kitten was most likely to be killed in the event that he brought it to an animal shelter. In the interview George stated, “The vet basically informed me that if I brought she to the shelter she would be killed because there are already more than 300 kittens in the county shelter alone who require homes.”

“He suggested that I consider placing her outside and hoping she comes home or I can take her in and keep her.”

The Kitten Was a part of the Family

After learning that little part of the story and hearing that it was not long for George to make the decision that he wanted to hold the cat. Crosby was already taking an interest in the adorable animal, but he was not sure if he liked it. Therefore, he brought the kitten to the house.

The moment he saw it, George could see Crosby was ecstatic. He would now be able to have a furry friend in the home! And the puppy now had a safe family and a brother for playing with. This was an all-win situation!

The Lil Ray-Ray And Crosby Became Fast Friends

George chose to give the kitten the name Lil Ray-Ray and made a commitment to pay more pay attention to Crosby whenever the cat does something that isn’t typical. Like, for instance, staring at a wall for more time than it is needed!

Even though George didn’t really desire an animal, George knew he made the right decision. Crosby and Lil Ray-Ray were their long-lost soulmates becoming instant buddies as well as partners in crime and, of course, sleeping companions.

Pets, for some reason, are able to sense a sixth sense of kind that allows them to tell the moment we’re not feeling our best -even if it’s insignificant that we don’t even be aware of it.