Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

Aerial roots of the orchid
If, on the contrary, you notice that the aerial roots are not green, this means that the root is drying out, and therefore there is a method to solve this problem before it is too late. What you need to do is really simple and keeps the aerial roots alive and not tending to dry out.

Simply take a bowl of water and immerse the inactive aerial root in it. The root provides the orchid with moisture and water. In addition, this method makes the room more humid and thus promotes the growth of the plant. You will immediately notice that it changes from gray to green.

Orchid – aerial roots in a bowl of water

However, to understand when your orchid needs water, don’t rely on aerial roots. Indeed, it is necessary to look at the roots in the pot. If they are green, that means the plant doesn’t need a lot of water and you can take care of it. Otherwise, you need to repair it.

In fact, aerial roots are often not green, but turn gray, so you shouldn’t rely on them too much. In any case, you can continue the bowl method until the root has absorbed all the water, you can also check by the color. Just try with your orchid and its aerial roots.

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